Freedom Fighters for the Society of Forgotten Knowledge, Northern Domestic Scene
Cut paper and adhesive on wall
Sikkema Jenkins & Co

“I knew that if I was going to make work that [dealt] with race issues, they were going to be full of contradictions.” - Kara Walker

Recently, Kara Walker has used overhead projectors to throw colored light onto the ceiling, walls, and floor of the exhibition space. When the viewer walks into the installation, his or her body casts a shadow onto the walls where it mingles with Walker’s black-paper figures and landscapes. With one foot in the historical realism of slavery and the other in the fantastical space of the romance novel, Walker’s nightmarish fictions simultaneously seduce and implicate the audience.

Nat Turner's Revelation (an Important Lesson from our Negro Past You will Likely Forget to Remember)
Two light projections with one silhouette
Galerie Max Hetzler